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We have a passion for cleanliness

Our cleaning operations cover all surfaces as well as the air, creating a protective ‘bubble’ to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

We might be down to Level 1, but complacency could be a breeding ground for infection and a possible recurrence of Covid-19 waves of infection. Which is why our cleaning operations are tailored to protect our clients and their environments. As a result, we now offer a disinfection service that comes with two options-- preventative or remedial deep cleaning procedures.

The Purpose of

Intensive Deep Cleaning and Sterilisation

The purpose of deep cleaning or sterilisation is to kill harmful germs and/or viruses on surfaces, such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus. In such cleaning operations, we operate to maximum-level sanitization procedures by using disinfectants that are yardsticks in hospital environments.

Cleaning and deep cleaning methods (such as sterilisation) are different procedures by intensity, which are ideally used in conjunction for total sanitisation. It is important to clean and remove visible soils in the process, as germs can breed in such conditions and undermine the success of the deep cleaning procedure.

The Best Cleaning Company only uses EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectant and sterilisation.

These products are more effective than regular household cleaning products for deep cleaning services.


Ultra Low Volume Fogging Service

This is a cleaning operation that covers the hard-to-reach areas such as high walls, ceilings, and corners.

The ULV Fogging sterilization works by compressing disinfectants through a custom-designed nozzle which produces a fine cold mist of disinfectants. ULV Fogging equipment is used predominantly for the application of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, and pesticides.

The mist that is generated via the Fogger is in the form of Ultra Low Volume droplets between 5-50 microns in diameter. The droplets are blasted into the air via the ULV Fogging machine and float around for 10 minutes after application.

As such, they reach the most inaccessible parts of habitation where traditional methods of cleaning such as sprays and wipes have no effect.

The benefits of the ULV Fogging Service

ULV Fogging has been used in China’s disinfecting program during the Covid-19 outbreak. Disinfection of surfaces using a Fogger is essential to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

It is a quick and simple way to disinfect large areas within minutes to prevent re-contamination. The area is fit for human occupation the following day following a period of ventilation.


This is a disinfection and sterilisation service and not a cleaning service. Best Cleaning Company technicians will fog the area with a fogging machine after cleansing all surfaces of dust and grime for the disinfectant to be effective. Depending on your needs, we can inspect your premises and recommend an effective cleaning service at competitive prices. We can provide cleaners on an hourly base with a minimum booking of 4 hours.
I am writing to you, very enthusiastically, to express thanks, on behalf of the School Board of Trustees for your extremely professional cleaning services, especially during the various COVID 19 lockdown levels.

Our Property Manager, Steve has commented on how quickly and thoroughly you both responded to requests for cleaning services during various stages of the school shut down and reopening phases.

The school, in quite a few people’s opinions, has never looked so clean, and a number of parents and teachers did mention that this gave them confidence on the return to school that things were safe and virus free.
Derek Molloy
Board of Trustees Chair Person
Stella Maris Catholic Primary School

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